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          關于集團  /  Introduction OF Group
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          來源: 天津食品集團

          In March 2015, Tianjin Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Municipal Government approved the consolidation and regrouping of the former Tianjin CSFA, No.2 Commercial Group, Grain & Oil Group and Lida Group into Tianjin Food Group, a wholly state-owned corporation. It is a conglomerate under the direct supervision of Tianjin State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC). It is a key food industry group in Tianjin and shoulders the responsibility of preservation and appreciation of the value of state assets.

          Tianjin Food Group focuses on the advantages of Tianjin’s food industry and is oriented toward customers’ needs. Its main business includes modern agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, food production and processing, warehousing and logistics, trade services, and real estate development. The Group undertakes the social responsibility of guaranteeing a reliable food supply for Tianjin. Its customers are from all parts of the country. Adhering to the “going global” development strategy, it seeks to expand the market.

          The group owns more than 70 famous brands, well-known trademarks and China Time-honored brands in Tianjin and China, such as Haihe Diary, Dynasty Wines, Yingbin Meat, Limin Condiments, Guishunzhai Cake, Yuchuanju Pickle, Kiessling Pastry, Lida Grain and Oil, and Shanhaiguan Soy Foods. Its products enjoy a high reputation in the market and are trusted and praised by customers. The Group ensures the food quality from the source, and aims to establish an integrated food industry group with a whole “field-to-table” food industrial chain that covers all three sectors. It strives to become a people-centered industry leader with government trust, public reputation and strong guarantee, and dedicates itself to providing safe, green and healthy food for the public.

          In the coming years, Tianjin Food Group will lay equal stress on economic and social benefits, highlight the development of its main business, improve the core subsidiaries, expand brand influence, and enhance market competitiveness. It will accelerate the listing of some key companies and rank among the leading domestic integrated food industry groups.

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